Here is a snippet from my show at THA COFFEE on 4/20 which was such a pleasure to be performing along with the amazing NOMADICA on these majestic moves and on the visuals, the fabulous FARNAZ KHOSH-SIRAT .. special thanks to all of you who made it happen and to all of you who came through.


Much pride, love and peace.

Seven Jackets, Two Soaps (Single)

You will be haunted by the strings, kanun, bouzouki and eastern percussion with groovy bass n’ drums and melodic rhythms through atmospheric electronic sounds along piano and brass sections. This piece reflects the story of a stranger (me or maybe you too!) that began their journey between the seas and the skies, from the sun to the moon when everything had came to an end without a dream of nine gates. Sometimes, we can be strangers in life. Safe travels, Enjoy!

I For An Eye (Demo)

Behind the lines, you see the other you when negligence invades reality until then still stuck in flames though I have the water. Be.

NAXÖ B2B PlayPlay

Live back to back session of EDM fusions at Flux Factory, NYC.