Trans Art Is

Andersonville Chamber of Commerce, Chicago, IL

"Trans Art Is" pays timely tribute to legendary gender transgressor David Bowie and his world touring retrospective exhibit "Bowie Is" that ended July 15th, two weeks prior to the start of this exhibit. Bowie helped pave the way towards tolerance, acceptance, and love for gender divergent artists and artistic expressions. In the spirit of love for transgender and gender non-conforming artists everywhere, we've asked our participating artists to submit a special collection of pieces that highlight some aspect of themselves and/or their artwork.

PERFORMANCES LINEUP:- Greenlee Brown - Devin Clara - Zane Debord - Hereaclitus Here Vernon - NAXÖ - Jesi Gaston - Tofu Daddy and Rene Arturo Geraldo Veloira Cubacub III - KJ Whitehead - Forced Into Femininity - Safety Scissor Death Squad - Jac