ICUQTS (International Chicago Underground Queer Transcendance Symposium)

Pilsen, Chicago, IL

Icuqts is an interdisciplinary festival celebrating creative cultural engagement with local and international queer (LGBTQIA+) communities through exhibition and curation of visual art, installations, performance art, live music, panel discussions, workshops, community organizations, and vendors in Chicago on September 29 & 30, 2018.

ICUQTS is a part of EXPO CHICAGO ART WEEK 2018, and is sponsored in part by Propeller Fund, La Vinata, Chicago Sound Co., Research at Hektoen Institute of Medicine/Keeping it LITE Project, Howard Brown Health, Boxed Water, Disability Helpers LLC and TrQpiteca.

PERFORMANCES LINEUP:- Feldspar Rhodochrosite (Clothilde Cook, Chicago) - Jared Brown (Chicago) - Orb Box (St. Louis/Chicago) - NAXÖ (Mirza Shams, Chicago) - Niña (Miami, FL) - M Lamar (Brooklyn NY) - Sasha Tycko and Sara Goodman (Chicago) - Hereaclitus Here Vernon (Nomad) - LadyDaddy (Chicago) - Po'Chop - Chicago - Keijaun Thomas (NYC) - Ariel Zetina (Chicago) - TRQPITECA (Chicago/Miami) - Zemmoa [B!TCH3Z Productionz] - CDMX (Mexico City)