Trans Art Is: Crossing Borders

Andersonville Galleria, Chicago, IL

"Crossing Borders" is a trans and poc centered exhibit curated by artist, Tee Munoz exploring our relationships with borders. It is the second in a series of exhibits in a multi-month "Trans Art Is" exhibition of trans/gnc featured artists and trans/gnc artwork. The exhibit will include a diverse range of art forms including visual and performance art.

Exhibit Description: How do we feel at home in our bodies when it is illegal for us to exist? Where exactly do we feel at home when we are asked to show proof of our ID or Citizenship? Our bodies are in a constant state of being policed. We are always under surveillance, our existence lies within everyone else's hands but ours. We belong to this world, to everyone else, but ourselves. Our identity is considered legal or illegal by the state and laws we live under. Which poses the question what makes someone legal and illegal? How many ways can one person be illegal? We are told when we can exist; The entire world watches our every move, yet, we still declare that our bodies are ours. We still exist; we’re still here. We Cross Borders; there are dreams on this side of our walls, too. Nationalism and Borders are violent tactics that keep us living in fear, they keep us from truly feeling at home, and they control us. By transitioning, by not confirming to binaries, by healing, by making art, by simply existing, these tactics will no longer exist. Trans Art is crossing borders. This is the unjustified reality that we face every day. This is how we do it.

Hosts: Malia Santiago of Youth Empowerment Performance Project (YEPP)

Crossing Borders Artists: Onyx Preye Engobor and Tai Jacob - Ken - Folk - Pascale Jarvis - Abhijeet Rane - Omi Torres - Nohemi Rosales - Justin Brown - Alex Ziauddin

Live Performance Artists: T Munoz - Malia Santiago - Black Venus - Vanta Black - Thair Thompson.